Catch Dinner and a Movie On the Town In Charleston

Sometimes it’s fun to stay in and cook a meal in the kitchen, while other times it’s fun to go out for a bite to eat and maybe catch a movie. If you’re leaning more toward the latter, there are many great places to eat in Charleston. We’ve singled out a few steakhouses with good reputations along with a movie theater listing so you can plan your whole night. Enjoy!


Source: Yelp
Name: T-Bonz Gill & Grill
Location: 1668 Old Towne Rd Charleston, SC 29407
Reviews: 3

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This is not a steak house in my opinion but yet a nice place to get lots of great food options. My favorites from here is the she crab soup, and the tommy…Read More

I agree with Matthew on this one. It’s a steakhouse. The servers are always sweet in the dining area and they bring you a mountain of food. We got a…Read More

I will never fault a restaurant for being a steakhouse. Places whose niche is built around serving meat will really have to work it to get a bad review from…Read More

T-Bonz Gill & Grill

Source: Yelp
Name: Brecks Place
Location: 8510 Rivers Ave N Charleston, SC 29406
Reviews: 5

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I came here with some friends two years ago. Yes, it’s been awhile, but a value this great has never faded in my mind. We met up with a friend of a friend…Read More

I’m a city girl, NY born and foreign raised. I’ve had a real NY steak. I’ve seen dinner killed in front of me it was so fresh. I can be picky. That may have…Read More

Brecks Place

Source: Yelp
Name: Oak Steakhouse
Location: 17 Broad St Charleston, SC 29401
Reviews: 32

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I had a great steak (ribeye) dinner at Oak Steakhouse 2 weeks ago when I was in Charleston. Even though I had specifically requested med-rare, the steak…Read More

I’ve only been one time but loved it. I had a very good filet (cooked perfectly) done Pittsburgh style. I usually don’t like anything Pittsburgh style but…Read More

I had THE BEST birthday here back in June! The best service, food was DELISH, and the dining area was romantic–quiet, beautiful and comfortable. Compared…Read More

Oak Steakhouse

Citadel Mall Stadium 16

2072 Sam Rittenberg BL Charleston, SC 29407

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